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Divorce eNewsletters

Helpful Information and Articles

Divorce eNewsletters

Helpful Information and Articles

As a service to our clients, we at Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom & Sinins (formerly Ceconi & Cheifetz, LLC) and Family Lawyer Resource are pleased to provide you with this monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful and supportive.

June 2024

May 2024

  1. Finding Your Identity After Divorce
  2. Understanding the Divorce Process and Your Rights
  3. Factors Affecting Spousal Support: What Determines the Amount?
  4. Navigating Retirement Funds After Divorce
  5. What You Need to Know About Military Divorce

April 2024

  1. If Your Spouse Interferes with Visitation, Can You Withhold Support? 
  2. Breaking the Cycle: Addressing Parental Alienation and Nurturing Healthy Family Bonds
  3. 10 Tips to Best Position Yourself in a Custody Dispute
  4. Untangling Divorce Finances
  5. What to Do With the Marital Home After Divorce

March 2024

  1. Signs You’re Ready for a New Relationship After Divorce
  2. What to Know Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
  3. 4 Divorce Mistakes to Avoid
  4. Navigating Post-Divorce Conflict: Strategies for a Peaceful Coexistence
  5. How to Safeguard Your Credit Score During Divorce

February 2024

  1. Responding to Divorce Papers: 7 Vital Steps
  2. The Effects of Domestic Violence on Child Custody Battles
  3. Benefits of Returning to Work After Divorce
  4. How is a Family Business Affected by a Divorce?
  5. The Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

January 2024

  1. New Year’s Resolutions for Divorced or Divorcing Individuals
  2. What to Do After Being Served With Divorce Papers
  3. Here are 6 Financial Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce
  4. Navigating Divorce With Children: Strategies to Keep Them Out of the Middle
  5. The Advantages of Accepting Legal Support During Divorce


December 2023

  1. How to Gain Financial Stability After Divorce
  2. The Importance of Self-Care After Divorce
  3. How Divorce Mediation Can Solve Complex Divorce Issues
  4. How Divorced Parents Can Help Their Kids Enjoy the Holidays
  5. Tips to Enhance Your Parenting Plan

November 2023

  1. Navigating Uncontested Divorce: What You Need to Know
  2. 5 Strategies for Peaceful Co-Parenting During the Holidays
  3. Navigating Your First Thanksgiving Post-Divorce
  4. What to Do if You Are In a Domestic Violence Incident
  5. Demystifying the Divorce Process: What You Should Know

October 2023

  1. How Often Do Non-Custodial Parents See Their Children?
  2. Flat-Fee vs. Retainer Lawyer: Which One Fits Your Needs?
  3. What are the Legal Implications of Dating During and After Divorce?
  4. Child Discipline After Divorce: A Guide for Parents
  5. 6 You Shouldn’t Do During Before Getting Married

September 2023

July 2023

April 2023

  1. What Do I Do About My Child Support Order if I Lost My Job?
  2. Three Stages of Divorce for Children
  3. Maintaining Your Sanity Through Divorce: Strategies for Emotional Well-being
  4. Who Legally Gets the Dog in a Breakup?
  5. Five Factors That Could Affect Your Child Custody

March 2023

  1. 4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Divorce
  2. 6 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Divorce Attorney
  3. 7 Myths About Divorce That You Can Ignore
  4. 6 Tips to Help Deal with Post-Divorce Conflict with Your Ex
  5. Why the Healing Process After Divorce Takes so Long

February 2023

  1. 5 Tips for Keeping the Peace with Your Spouse During Divorce
  2. How to Help Your Teen Survive Your Divorce
  3. 7 Tips for Protecting Your Credit During Divorce
  4. 7 Things to Consider When Divorcing in the New Digital Age
  5. 5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Emotionally During Divorce

January 2023


  1. What Does it Mean When a Marriage Is Irretrievably Broken?
  2. Estate Planning After Divorce: Important Items to Consider
  3. New Year’s Day Blues: 7 Tips to Help You Deal With Post Holiday Let Down
  4. Thinking About Bird’s Nest Custody? Here Are Some Items to Consider
  5. Dating Post-Divorce: Being Stuck in the Middle of a “Situationship”

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